Singer/Songwriter & Crazy Horse Drummer

Born in Puerto Rico, Ralph Molina has been a member of Crazy Horse in a career spanning nearly six decades since they were formed in 1962 (originally as Danny & the Memories, and then briefly, The Rockets). He has remained throughout the group's many personnel changes, and has performed on all 20 releases by the band, with and without Neil Young.

And now, for the first time, he has released an album under his own name.

New Album: Love & Inspiration

Crazy Horse drummer and vocalist Ralph Molina is set to release his first solo album, entitled “Love and Inspiration” in early 2019. Molina is accompanied by a host of musicians from a range of genres.

Selected Discography

Ralph Molina has played on over 50 releases, starting with singles by Danny & the Memories. He continued with his first full-playing album with the Rockets, through the Neil Young collaborations and a handful of Crazy Horse solo albums.